Mite Management of Cooped Chickens

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    Typically my chickens are not afflicted appreciably by mites. They are either continuously free-range kept, allowed to free-range periodically or are kept to they have access to ground where their perch is also exposed to the elements.

    Where I have had problems of late has been with chickens that are cooped up off ground for protracted periods of time like used for some breeding groups and as part of a cocci control with chicks. Those birds can get mites at levels that cause harm. To resolve that I allow the birds out to dust bath which they do in a big way although the birds usually do not want to return to the coops at night making my evenings busy.

    What I am doing to control mites without letting chickens out is to fill a storage bin that is about 16" x 16" (follow link below) with roughly 2 inches of soil that is best described as a silt loam. A piece of plywood is tied to the top as a cover. The whole thing is placed in coop so opening receives sun for at least part to the day. Birds use the dust bathing location mostly when sun shines into it. The will dust bath extensively. The plywood reduces the inclination to knock soil out of the bin. It takes two to three days for mites numbers to be reduced to acceptable levels that do not seem to bother chickens. Wood ash nor miticides required to control mites and lice I deal with. Problem that can occur is hens will use bin a nest site but they will use other locations preferentially if the other locations are tighter.
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    Thanks for posting - that is a really good idea.

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