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    Hi! I'm converting a storage building (approx. 12 X 14) to a chicken house (after their having spent the spring & summer in dog kennel w/ tarp sides & roof) but had some concerns about what to do with the unfinished inside. The wall studs are exposed & the back of the outside paneling is inside. Should I paint this or treat this with something to prevent or at least slow down any mites or itty ickies like that? The shed is pretty solid, but is old and has one small window in the back wall (window is on the west side), so I plan to add some windows on each side & front, and put vinyl flooring for easy clean-up. There are already some shelves around the side walls that will make dandy roost boards, and I can put nest boxes on the other side. I am mainly concerned about mites or pests that may decide they like living inside, too. Got any suggestions?
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    Mites, lice and other pests will generally live on the birds, not on the walls. So the siding shouldn't make that much difference. It will probably, however, be harder to clean or disinfect if you do get any infectious diseases, so consider covering the bare boards with something, maybe even a good paint.

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