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    Although I haven't seen obvious signs of lice or mites on my RIR's I'd like to do a preemptive strike on the critters. My question is whether or not to use the tried and true way of dusting each bird with poultry dust after they've gone to the roost or using the Frontline spray I've seen mentioned on this website.

    Also, after you folks have helped me decide which route I want to take is it best to just take the bird from the roost and hold it in some particular way to get the job done? If I use the frontline spray where is the best (least expensive) place to get it?

    Thanks for your help
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    Any kind of flea and tick spray will work, just find some at your local feed store, I use it for ease, and it works good, if you want to use a dust like seven dust, find the spot where they use as a dust bath and sprinkle the dust in the that spot and thats an easy way with the dust, and cheaper

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