Mite Treatment?

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  1. mylilchix

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    There is a possibility that we may have mites. I'm planning on treating the chickens, but I'd love to see some step by step instructions on how to do it. I've been looking through mite threads, but I'm still confused. Can someone please tell me how to do it, so I do it right?

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  2. SundownWaterfowl

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    Ive been told this method of treatment.

    Dust everything in the coop with 5% sevin. Bathe chickens using dog flea and tick shampoo. Let dry, and then dust with 5% sevin. Repeat in 7-10 days.
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    To check for mites, go pick one or two off the roost at night and use a flashlight under the tail and around the vent. I they are there you will see them. Then you can use mylilchix`s instructions and eliminate them. You don`t need to dust the chicken if you use the dog dip.
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    I have a related do you dust a chicken?

    Just sprinkle it on top?
  5. gallo34

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    Feb 16, 2009
    it might not be a bad idea to spray-down the with also a go have some sand available for them to bathe in...the sand tends to help control this...hope this helps...
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    Thanks for the advice!! I was wondering about the bleach. I keep a spray bottle of it for when I clean out the coop. Can you use ammonia? We keep that at the house to keep bears out of our trash!

  7. mylilchix

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    Thanks again for all of the advice!! I've treated the girls once with permethrin powder, and they're looking better already!! [​IMG] I've removed the saddles they were wearing, removed the carpet I had put down in the nest boxes, sprayed bleach on the roosts, and spread DE in the yard for them to take dust baths. I plan on cleaning out the rest of the coop tomorrow. It's been really windy and cold here the last couple of days, and I want to be able to shut the coop down while I clean it out. I plan on dusting the hens again in a couple of days. Hopefully the cold weather has been helping to kill the little buggers, too!!


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