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    Feb 24, 2015
    To those of you who take the time out to stop and read what I've wrote, Thank You in advance! I Sincerely appreciate any advice! I've got so many questions, so once again, Thank You for taking this time to read and respond.

    I'm not new to the chicken thing, as I've had a number of chicks, chickens and a few roo's in the past year. So I'll consider myself a greenhorn. I currently have a total of 27 chickens. 2 hens, 10 chicks, that are aprox. 8 days old, 13 9wk old adolescent chickens and 2 roo's. One of the chicks I've had to bring in because the mother was picking on it. The chick was the offspring of the other hens eggs, both hens were laying in the same spot when the mother hen decided stay put on all of the eggs. The serogant mother already killed 2 of its siblings. One was basically scalpped, one was smothered and the remaining 4 eggs were pushed off to the side. I'm assuming that is because they were the other hens eggs. I believe that is why she was killing them and quit laying on the eggs. Correct me if I'm wrong. I was also told that it could be because she is confined to a wooden box 3’ by 4' and about 3’ tall. This is my first rodeo of my hen hatching her own chicks, it is her first time as well. I have her and the chicks cooped up because of the 2 roo's and the other hen. What could I have done differently and am I even doing this right?

    My next question is how do I get rid of mites? The baby chick that I brought in and healed up, had 2 mites on its head. The mother chicken has been itching herself quite a bit, so I know she and her chicks have mites as well. Now, just to be on the safe side, I want to treat all my chickens for mites, including the chicks. I went to our local grange/feed store and all the bottles of dusting powder and mite spray says not to use on chicks under ten days old and not to be used in nesting areas. I understand that I'll have to give them all new bedding n such but is there a more natural method I can use? Someone told me to use Dawn dishsoap n vinegar and wash the birds. I also want to treat all of them because the two roos are becoming more aggressive and I'm debating on getting rid of them via dinner and my freezer. Can't butcher a rooster with mites, or so I'm told.

    Also my other lady hen has been eating her own eggs, so I'm debating on butchering her too. If I can save her, I will. I guess she's lacking something in her diet?

    I've just recently introduced the 13 adolescent chickens into the group, not including the mom n her chicks, and the other hen hates the adolescent chickens and my roos want to mate the adolescent chickens already. So I got attacked by my nearly 2 ft tall (Barred Rock) rooster because he was molesting a 1' tall adolecent chicken. So I've had to lock my roos up. My other roo, a little Silky, always instigates the mating and is the root of all problems...
    I think that covers it and I look forward to any advice. Thanks again. :)

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