mites and now bleeding wings


8 Years
Jan 12, 2012
We have 8 Australorp hens. We had mites bad- we are pretty sure we have successfully gotten rid of them. After a lot of reading we used ivomec on them and built a new coop. I now have 2 hens that have bloody wing joints.. the other hens are picking at them and they themselves may be over grooming.. We put them on antibiotic and will stop that on Friday. We sprayed with a antiseptic and tried to cover with Vaseline. The Vaseline didn't stay.. I would really like to keep my hens alive. They also have messed up feathers, I am assuming from mites but have also read that they could be in a 22 month old molt. Any ideas would be helpful.
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Are you feeding them all a good laying feed? Fresh water every day? What kind of floor, bedding, etc.? You have a rooster? Extra protein during molt, temporarily, is o.k... like Game Bird feed (mine wouldn't eat the whole corn that was in it..... so...).... Pedialyte in their water. Red Kote, Blu Kote spray to prevent infections. The Red Kote is non-drying, so rubs off and gets on everything. The Blu Kote dries and stains, but eventually rubs off, is not "protective". There is a Pick No More type lotion, but put a little on your hand first, and see how it burns.. no wonder they are supposed to stop picking if you use it, ouch and yuk.
Do they free range? Are they bored? Do you give them whole heads of cabbage or cobs of fresh corn to occupy them... Also whole flakes of Alfalfa Hay leaned up against the wall of the coop gives them something else to scratch and peck at as well.
Use the search here for "molting" or "hard molt", or "pecking" or "how to stop feather pecking", you will find some good info.
Best of luck.
Thank you for responding...I will check into all of these things.. It looks like we lost one of the ones that was being picked at.

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