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  1. cleoandtheflock

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    Jan 16, 2019
    we have 11 hens
    5 in a show bird area and 6 free range
    We have a tiny little porcelain D’Uccle pullet who has been acting down so I gave her a little check up and she had mites all over her so I checked her gold neck D’Uccle adoptive mother hen and she had mites
    Then I checked everybody for mites and there vents had blood spots above them with mites and their preening glands had oil on the feathers surrounding it from over preening for the mites
    Luckily I saw a few hens dust bathing
    And when I went to go collect the eggs their was mites all over them

    Im thinking about adding apple cider vinegar to the water
    Putting coconut oil on their vents and near preening glands
    Then cleaning everything and putting shavings in them dusting all their coops and all their areas with diatomaceous earth
    Also does anyone have any suggestions for dips that would just kill all the mites but are safe for the birds

    Now the thing I’m most worried about is the pullet
    When we got her and her sister she had coccidiosis and so did he sister the her sister dies and she was all alone and now she finally moved outside and has mites
    I think it’s from the show quality D’Uccles we got a few weeks ago
    Please help I want the mites dead
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    Jan 1, 2017
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    First off DE does NOT prevent, treat, or cure your birds of mites. All the work you would put into treating them and cleaning and treating your coop with DE, is work done for naught.

    I understand and respect your concerns about chemicals but this is the truth.

    Meanwhile, these tiny, spiderlike bugs are literally sucking the life out of your flock.

    How to Treat your birds with one of these products. They are affordable and easy to use.
    The fly spray is by far the easiest.
    Spray each bird under the wings, on back, neck, tummy, vent. Clean out the entire coop. Bag all bedding.
    Treat coop by spraying down the entire coop.
    Get all the nooks and crannies, cracks and crevices. Spray a rag and really rub down all sides of the roost(s). Don’t forget the nesting boxes!
    ***Repeat three weeks in a row.
    65A73724-A04E-479B-8340-5F468F3D8056.jpeg BDCF1F2C-A717-4F43-B5A2-390FF7A3A06B.jpeg E9915ECB-6597-4283-BD4B-502CA291A5A2.jpeg A1FA7A71-0808-49AD-976E-D7AC9A936B81.jpeg D4F46DA5-46A3-4BC4-BD63-9B3903E0096F.jpeg
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    Feb 17, 2016
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    Ditto StaceyJ's response! Act now! If you use the Premythin 10 you can spray the nooks and crannys really well with a garden sprayer or squirt jug. Remember to repeat this process in 7 to 10 days to kill any larvae/eggs/nits that may be hatching in the upcoming days. You need to break the cycle. When I say this process I mean, treat all birds and all surfaces a second time.
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  4. Wyorp Rock

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    Sep 20, 2015
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    I agree, get a Permethrin based poultry spray or dust and treat all your birds, clean out bedding/housing and treat that too.

    You are concerned about this one pullet - tell us more. Is she lethargic, is the infestation especially heavy, what does her poop look like, how old is she, how long have you had her?
    Photos of poop and pullet are most welcome.

    Treat her for the mites, but give her another assessment as well. Watch to see if she's drinking/eating well. Give her a direct dose of poultry vitamins to build her up.
    How long ago was this that you treated for Coccidiosis?
  5. JanetMarie

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    Oct 23, 2014
    I use a cheap olive oil and put on generously wherever there are mites on the bird, making sure to rub into the feathers, and skin well where heavily infested. That may be easier to apply than coconut oil, and is safe. It smothers the mites right away. Check over other parts of the body also for mites that have escaped the oil treatment.
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  6. Eggcessive

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    Apr 3, 2011
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    Some people get mites and lice confused. Can you see any lice eggs at the base of feathers? Mites are much harder to get rid of, since they can hide in the coop. Mites suck their blood making them anemic, while lice bite and are a nuisance. Permethrin 10 spray concentrate is the most economical and safe product to use. It can be used in and around the coop, nests, and roosts, and on the birds. It comes in pints about $8 at TSC, and in quarts and larger. Mix 37 ml per gallon of water, and I use a spray bottle or garden sprayer as well. Treat once and again in 7 days to get newly hatched bugs. The dust does not go as far for the price, but is better for the birds in very cold weather. Here is a good link about identifying lice and mites:

  7. cleoandtheflock

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    Jan 16, 2019
    I’m sure they are mites
  8. cleoandtheflock

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    Jan 16, 2019
    She is doing terribly
    She’s puffed up and barely walking and is as light as a feather
    She has anemia and the mites won’t leave her alone
    I put olive oil on the areas with mites and I put probiotic powder in her water and gave her scrambled egg
    And later I did something I call the strength test which when it seems bad you flip them on their back and rest them in you hand and see if they can right themselves but she couldn’t
    I did the strength test when her sister tommi was dying of cocci
    I think insecticide chemicals might be to harsh for the little chirper
    82516F27-EE6C-4B0B-9371-A14831A530EE.jpeg tink yesterday
    Her vent with mites
    image.jpg Her at her peak of life and loving it
    image.jpg After her corid medication had worked and got rid of that bad cocci
    Her snuggling under her sister tommi
    01E35DC7-F205-4E57-9793-FA18B9A1999A.jpeg Tink and tommi the day before we lost tommi enjoying some sunshine
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  9. Wyorp Rock

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    Sep 20, 2015
    Southern N.C. Mountains
    What a cutie!
    Listen sweetie, you are going to have to get rid of those bugs they are dragging her down. Get a Permethrin poultry dust or spray and treat her. Since she is not well, the dust may be better. Work the dust into her feathers, focus under the wings, neck and around the vent.
    The bugs have got to go so she can start to recover.

    Post some photos of her poop. Place her on some puppy pads or paper towels so you get some good pictures.

    How long ago did you treat her for Coccidiosis?
    What are you feeding her?
    She needs some special attention - get her hydrated first - see if she will drink on her own. You can give her a direct dose of poultry vitamins if you have them. Make her chick starter into a wet mash, she may like that and scramble up an egg for her.

    Keep us posted on how she's doing.
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  10. cleoandtheflock

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    Jan 16, 2019
    I scrambled an egg up for her and she gulped it down
    She was treated 2 months ago
    She is perching on her water bowl and drinking th e probiotic water
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