mites ? feather pulling or chciken boredom?

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    May 24, 2014
    I recently discovered an unusal amt of feathers on thr ground of my coop. Its been consistent for about a week now. Today i noticed my two black australorps have feather loss around their necks. I cant see mites but coukd they possibly have mites in the middle of winter when it hasnt been above freezing in weeks. Also due to thr cold and ice in the great northeast the chicjens have been spending more time in their coop so could it be ithers pecking at them out of boredom. I also have one rooster with the 6 girls,,,could he be to blame,?
    Im still new to chickens so this is new to me. Any advice is appreciated. i attached a photo of my onr girl with feather loss.[​IMG]
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    Nov 26, 2011
    Northern fowl mites will be worse in the winter. Sure they are small but they are still visible plus they leave a black mess on the lower part of the feathers. Usually they are found near the vent but a bad infestation could be over the entire bird. A good inspection of the birds will let you know

    It could be from feather picking.

    Also could be some molting going on. It doesn't make sense this time of year but I have a few that are doing so now.

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