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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by mkearsley, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. mkearsley

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    Jul 19, 2010
    South-west Idaho
    Can chickens get fleas? I've treated my dog for fleas, but he still acts like he's got them. The chickens liked to kick him out of his dog house & sleep in there during the day. Can they have fleas that have been passed back & forth? How would I treat them if they do? Could they have mites that might pass to the dog? Its really cold now, but the dog comes in at night, and I've got one bird inside recovering from a neighbor's dog attacking her. What should I look for to see if they have mites? What preventative measures can I take? I've got straw in the dog house & in the chicken house. I haven't noticed any odd behavior in the chickens, just the dog scratching at his neck. Could mites &/or fleas overwinter in the straw? This is the first time I've used straw during the winter, and the first time I've had chickens (got them back in april). I used to have pine chips in the chicken house, & I'd put DE in it, but I didn't do that with the straw.
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    Yep. That's all I know.
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    Both can get fleas and share them back and forth. they can each get mites, but not the same kinds, so sharing is out. Straw has natural cavities that bugs like to hide in.
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    From early spring till late summer I had a flea problem here after we had a beautiful Redbone hound dog wander through and I had an empty chicken pen , we put her in the pen in feb/march to look for the / her owner took 2 weeks but we got her home then fleas spread through the whole yard. sprayed with everything even some stuff I got from an extermanator , finally mixed seven dust with white lime stirred it up real good and dribbled it out in front of a fan to spread it and that got the fleas . The lime irritates the fleas and makes them move about ,the seven kills them . as long as it is not in excess neither is very harmful to the chickens .

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