Mites, lice, chickens and goslings


Mar 21, 2018
Forest Grove, Oregon
We have an infestation. Since DE did nothing, I am buying Elector PSP.
I found someone I could buy dose from so I don't have to spend a huge chunk of money.
I have 28 adult chickens, 12 8 week old chickens, 2 8 week old goslings. How many doses should I buy? I was thinking 3 so I can treat the large coop as well.
Is it safe to treat the young ones? They just moved into the coop last weekend.

And we do deep litter flooring. Do I need to COMPLETELY empty that?? Or what is the best way to handle? That feels overwhelming to me, not sure where I would put all of the litter.

Also, I was thinking of getting some permethrin concentrate as well to retreat the coop in 3 weeks. Is that right?

Thanks for your help!


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
I have used Permethrin 10 concentrate mixed with water and it comes in 8 ounce and larger bottles at TSC and other feed stores. Look for Gordons or Martins brand. Inside the label is mixing instructions. Many people say that Elector PSP is very good as well. Mites require treating every 7 days, while lice require treating at 10 day intervals to interrupt the lifecycle of hatching. Here are 2 good articles:

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