Mites ?lice? i dont know help please

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    Okay , my flock has some bugs on them its because a few months ago i bought a hen from the market and im pretty sure she was mistreated and proboaly had mites, anyways i checked them today and on one of my roosters feathers by his vent there is clumps of whites stuff , which i think are eggs , anyway a few others have bugs on there underbelly and lower back , so i used dry kill and rubbed all over there body with it then sprinkled it onto the coop floor in the hey anything else i can do?
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    I don't know what that stuff is that you used, but this is what works for me. Day one, bathe them in cat flea shampoo (pyrethrins). Leave it on them for 5-10 min., then rinse well & blow dry. Day 2 powder them with flea powder or Sevin 5% dust. At the same time dust their whole pen & nest boxes w/the Sevin dust. Anywhere the birds spend time. [​IMG]
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    Our birds in quarantine had a lice problem and we treated with a poultry dust, the big thing with the poultry dust we used is that it only kills adult lice/mites. We needed to reapply in 7-10 days, repeated twice to make sure we got all the buggers as the white blobs of eggs hatched.

    I'm not sure what "dry kill" is, what it is approved for or what its ingredients are, or even if it kills the eggs, but the stuff we used didn't kill the eggs and we had to reapply.
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    I'm a little confused- is this the same thing as last October's "little brown bugs" thread? When you bring a new chicken in you need to make sure it's cleaned up and healthy before putting it in with your flock. I don't bring in new chickens at all anymore because even with a 30 day quarantine you can't be sure they aren't carriers.

    You've gotten good advice above and now you need to treat everyone. Good luck, the lice and mites are hard to get rid off. You will need to thoroughly clean and treat the coop and run as well.
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    [​IMG]I,ve used Ivermectin, 4cc's per gallon of h20 for 3 days, then again for 3 day, 10 days later, worked for me, brought an old hen home from animal control here, and she gave them to everyone. I'M SORRY

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