Mites/Lice? I'm about to go crazy.


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May 14, 2015
Orange County
So I need as much help as I can get because I am about to lose my mind... Couple days ago when we were petting and playing with our broody Maran we noticed our hands were full of mites. Rewind to a couple days prior, my boyfriend had mentioned how he had these bites on him. I told him it might have been a mosquito or maybe a flea since our dog had a minor flea issue prior. I didn't have anything so I didn't think anything of it but then I had these bites on me so we were kinda weirded out. Well fast forward to the day we found the mites/lice it all made sense once I did research and literally drove myself to insanity.

Today we cleaned the coop completely, I mean shop vac, hosed down with water, took all bedding out, feeders,toys, stairs. We only have 4 hens so we let them out figuring we would clean the coop first and spray it with a water and Chemtech Prozap Garden/Poultry D mixture, then spray it again with water. While we let that sit we grabbed all hens individually and I powdered them all down. I put them upside down and massaged as much as I could. Once we were done with that we sprayed everything again and let it all dry. Put all new bedding, sprinkled some
Diatomaceous Earth, new food,new water etc etc. So I noticed after they were in some mites/lice on the roost door but I mean not in comparison to what there was.

NOW; for the questions.

When can we eat the eggs again? How long should I wait?

What are they? Lice or mites? Some look like little red dots and when popped it's a blood explosion (I know gross but I figured to kill it like a flea) then there's some that are kinda clear/grayish and not as round as the red ones. So what are these? How can I kill them ALL and not see any survivors.

Second; I have seen them on my clothes. How do I wash these? Hot water with detergent, dry in dryer? Should I add white vinegar in there or anything that will make sure they never resurrect?

Can these also affect my dog and take over him and then infest my house?

Fourth; how can I clean my house in case some have come in? Couch? I have wood flooring so that makes it easier. I washed sheets and then I was inspecting them, I found a couple on them even after washing, they weren't moving and appeared dead but I popped them and blood popped out.

Last but not least... I've noticed anytime I sit on my table in the back yard they start crawling on me. I don't know how they got there since my chickens are elsewhere and never go on the table or near. Should I get my whole yard sprayed?

Thank you to anyone who is kind enough to read my post and help. I am worried sick about my chickens and myself.



Mar 20, 2015
First of all calm down. I know its easy for me to say because I am not in your situation but I know your situation well and any chicken owner that has had a flock for years like us has experienced this. Its a lifetime learning I swear. I just found out yesterday that if a coop is under a pine tree it is safe for preditors because eagles and the like wont swoop for prey under a tree.

You would think I would know this being from Alaska, but I just found out yesterday.

Even so, let's take on question at a time.

1. You can eat the eggs. HOWEVER, poultry dust is a harsh substance and there are studies that show it causes damage in young children and even older adults. The rule of thumb is to throw the eggs for a week.

Having said that, one time I was so broke I ate the eggs anyway after a heavy dusting and I am still alive and well years later.

2. Mites our poultry lice same type of solution. Now in Alaska I use gasoline. I am not kidding. We take 5 gallons and a bucket and dunk all the clothes, etc, then wash them. The dunking kills them. If that is too much for you then use bleach and or hot water and a strong detergent like we do when I am in the city in Seattle so the liberals don't get offended I am hurting the mites.

3. YES. The mites feed on one thing: BLOOD. Ducks, chickens, kids, dogs, cats.....all are going to get it unless you call someone professional and do the house, couch, coop, bedding, etc....

4. I suspect they are in your hair if they are on you outside and or they are so think they are under the table.

Good luck and we all have been through this.


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May 14, 2015
Orange County
Thank you so much! You have no idea how much relieve you have given me! Thankfully they're not in my hair, but I think you're right and they're somewhere on our patio furniture. I'm guessing I can spray it down with horse fly spray? I heard this was very effective. My dog also does not have them since he doesn't spend a lot of time out anyways. And last but not least what do you consider a strong detergent?

Thanks again!

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