mites/lice on 7 month old hen?!

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    Jul 9, 2011
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    I treated my entire flock yesterday after noticing one of my younger hens had white little bugs all over her! I cleaned the coop with seven dust and bleached it.

    I didn't see any of these bugs on any of the other chickens, but still bathed them in seven dust and used a flock spray protector on them (probably something I should do every 6 months anyway)

    I have my hen quarantined in a dog kennel she is very sick looking, still drinking/eating once awhile but otherwise she can't walk well and she just lays there. I checked her over this morning and honestly didn't see any more bugs but am still going to treat her again in a week.

    Do mites/lice cause such a effect on a chicken? I gave her duramycin in case she also caught a cold or something.... I just didn't thin they would cause a chicken to get sick like that?

    I am hoping I caught it early enough!
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    May 31, 2011
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    If you don't catch lice or other parisites it can harm the chicken. It happened to my friend where her chickens looked healthy and happy until one got sick and we discovered it had lice on her under belly. They can eat a chicken alive if they get the chance :/. She maybe weak from the parisites feeding off of her. Try giving her some yogurt and maybe some water mixed with molasis to get her more alert. If you want to get rid of the pest problem I use Permethrin 10. I swear it has been a god send to me. Kills bugs on contact and they are always completely gone when I spray down everything. The dusting is a good preventative but if you already have an out break it doesn't really help much. If you want something strong that will get rid of it quickly with one use then use the permethrin 10. I put the amount on the label in a big 2 gallon sprayer, fill it with water, then spray the chickens, coop, high traffic areas and nesting boxes. It also stays for over 4 days so and bugs that weren't dirrectly sprayed are usually killed off with in the next few days.

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