Mites/lice or dirt

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  1. racefanz

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    Jun 30, 2009
    I have a chicken that I was holding this evening that seemed to have alot of dirt on her breast area. I have searched for pictures of mites and lice just to make sure it wasn't that, but have been unsuccessfull. I didn't get to check the others yet, as they were already settled in for the night. At first I thought she may be starting to molt as well as she has some feathers that are very short and fluffy like a chick would have. The spots look very much like dirt, but just want to make sure it isn't something else. I have read that people "dust" their birds to prevent mites, lice, etc. Anyone heard of this?
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    I'm a newbie at identifying the critters, so i won't comment on that.

    As to dusting, food grade d.e. can be used to prevent. To treat and prevent, seven dust (which isn't technically recommended anymore) and pyrethrin powder are used.

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