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    Hi there,

    After all your wonderful help with my wobbly Pekin duck a few months ago (she made a full recovery!), I'm back to ask about chickens..

    My cockerel doesn't look quite right today; hunched up, diarrhoea, off food. On closer inspection I think I saw some creepy crawlies!

    The rest of the bunch are happy and seem ok. I've covered him in louse / mite powder and will do the rest tomorrow (haven't a hope of catching them whilst they're ranging and the instructions say to use in the morning so they do not inhale it whilst sleeping..), will also treat the coop..

    However, 2 questions:
    I have read that you can use dog / cat frontline to get rid of them - is this correct? How much? Is there an egg withdrawal time?

    I have also read that you can give chickens wood ash for them to dust bath in - we burn a mix of coal and wood in our house fire, can I still use it or is there something harmful in the coal ash?

    Anything else I should try / do?

    Many thanks,
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    Feb 5, 2009
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    My birds dust in a mixture of sand/ dirt and never have mites so wood ash isn't necessary. I also treat the roosts once a month and treat the coops every 3 months after cleaning. Inspecting birds about once a month, I never see mites/lice. I've used Frontine Spray in the past. It is very effective when used conservatively, but there is no known withdrawal period. Permectrin II is much safer and labeled for use on and around poultry. It is an emulsified concentrate which means it has oils for more residual power. I use a hand pump spray bottle and lightly spritz around the vent, but not ON the vent. Part feathers and spritz along the underside between legs, back, under each wing, and at the base of the neck. You won't have to do it again in 10 days like you do with powders.

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