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    Our pretty barred rock rooster had been acting strange for a week and today it just came to a point of what the heck is wrong! Upon touching him I was terrified to find one of the worst mite infections I've ever seen. They were crawling through his nose all over his comb. Immediately a tote was filled with warm dish soap water and he was dunked in, with out a fight. The scrubbing was to no avail. My boyfriend alerted me that he had hardly eatting or drinking all week, if at all. To our dismay we lost our feathered friend. He walked to me very unbalanced and laid his head into my jacket folds and crossed the rainbow bridge. We've checked the other birds and they seem to be mite free but does anyone know anything that I could do to prevent it? Now and in the future?? Thanks so much!
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    I sincerely feel your pain. Hope your other chickens don't get same. SAD SAD SAD
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    You can dust or spray them with permethrin (poultry dust) but it needs to be repeated at 7 days, and for a severe infestation you may need to do it an additional time at 14 days. The repeat is for the hatching out of eggs.

    Lice have a longer life cycle, and re-treatment would be at 14 days. Lice are a different color.

    Mites also live under roosts and in bedding so you would need to dust or spray your coop carefully, and remove bedding with each treatment (and dispose of it). I use sand in my coop so I just dust the sand and don't throw it away.

    I have dealt extensively with mites, and if you don't get rid of nest box material or try to skip a re-treatment- basically provide the mites with any place to hide safe from the insecticide- they come right back.

    Poultry dust and spray are available at feed stores. Be sure to get under the wings and the vent area if spraying them (everywhere but the face basically when dusting), and take precautions such as mask, gloves, etc. when dealing with insecticides.

    Be sure to dilute permethrin according to the label if spraying the birds.
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    Can my birds get sick from spraying the stuff on them?? And do you just mix it with water to make it [email protected]

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