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    Could someone pls tell me how to remove mites from a chicken...they are so bad that if you pick up the chicken then the mites start to crawl on the clothing...please help!!!
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    Get ready .....

    FIRST are you sure they are mites? I ask because the birds can have lice too. The treatment for both insects is very similiar. Keep in mind that you will need to treat, re-treat, and maybe even re-treat. Just like treatment for human lice, the first treatment only kills the live bugs. The second treatment is for killing the new bugs that hatch from the eggs. The re-treatment is IMPORTANT, Crucial to breaking the cycle! RETREATMENT happens every 7 to 10 days....

    First, treat the birds.... You will need to use sevin dust or adams flea and tick PLUS. I like to use the adams as a DIP if the weather is warm enough for it. Mix it 1/2 strength in a 5 gallon bucket. Dip the bird right up to the neck. DO IT EARLY in the morning so that the bird has time to dry out before evening. If the weather is too cold for this, use sevin dust.

    NEXT, treat the coop. Mites live OFF the birds. Lice live on the birds. This is a big difference. The mites hop on the birds at night to get a belly full of blood. Then they hop off to hide in the coop and sleep off their big meal. Yum Yum... and make babies... Yum Yum... So, if you want to break the cycle YOU MUST TREAT THE COOP TOO... TREAT the hay, the ground, the nesting boxes, ALL CRACKS and surfaces. Get the the roosts and the cracks with the roosts meet the walls. OH - DON'T forget the BOTTOM side of the roosts. What to use.... Use sevin dust on the hay and nesting boxes. Sevin comes in a liquid and so does the adams... You will want to use a liquid to hit the walls, cracks, and roosts.

    REPEAT in 7 to 10 days... If you don't repeat, you will end you being re-infested in a short time.

    Check again ... 7 to 10 days later. If your infestation is heavy... you may need to treat a third time.

    PEST.... Rats and other wild birds can bring the lice and mites to your birds. If you are having a problem with these, then start looking for some solutions.
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    x2 retreating after 7-10 days is really important. Even if you only see them on one bird, I would treat them all and the entire coop. If one bird has it, then they all do. The treatment will only kill the live bugs and not the eggs (which is why you need to retreat)

    Seven or Adams is great of treating already infested birds. Once you have everything cleared up I would recommend using DE (food grade diatomaceous earth) for regular maintenance to prevent this from happening again. I just mix some into the bedding and dust baths.

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