mites on a sitting hen


11 Years
Feb 8, 2008
Central Florida
my OEGB went broody a little over a week ago. Two days ago I noticed mites on her. I dusted everyone 3 weeks ago with sevin, for their second dusting. I sprayed the indoor birds with a pyrethrin bird spray as well, just incase we transfered from chicken to parrot. What can I use on her and the nest that won't hurt the hopefully soon to hatch??
I would find some garden dust, seven 10% and treat her and the area again. Make sure it is 10%. Sutherlands usually has it. She has a while before the chicks hatch. That is what I would do.
It is how you apply the sevin. I use the 5%, and it works just fine. You need to put some directly on her vent, and under her wings. The vent is where they nest, and it will wipe them out if you apply it this way. You can see more details on this on my site HERE . Good luck!
Thank you. I wasn't sure about putting any on her since she has been sitting. Would it be okay to spread a little sevin around the littler with the eggs?
We caught her when she got off the nest to poo, and she is infested with the northern foul mite. We are giving her a quick bath, I am more concerned about her than the eggs at this point. I had to isolate her so she could sit on the nest, the others always run her off if they find her. None of my other chickens have any again, just her so far.
This is my fourth year of having chickens since I was a kid, I don't remember having the problems as a kid with the pests as I am now. Our first year was pretty good, just one loss from a snake and a few eggs to an iguana that a neighbor "lost". Our second year was fairly good, kept having to relocate snakes. Last year was horrible, lost my favorite hen to a very large hawk, brought a new roo home and he killed one of my kids favorite hens, lost 2 rir chicks to an opossum - which I caught on mothers day a momma and 7 babies, went through fowl pox, everyones favorite momma hen died on the nest - she just started laying again after the fowl pox, we cut her open and had what seemed like a rotten egg stuck in her. This year started out bad, northern fowl mites showed up in January, the migrating hawks keep eying the coops - had a few land on the coops, had a raccoon??? try to get in one cage. I have been looking for food grade DE in my area. We have used pool grade DE around the house for years for pests, while roaches around here may laugh at you while you spray them with raid, they don't last too long after walking across some DE
Man! You are having some rough chicken times! I can't find food grade DE around here, and I'm just minutes away from the capital of the state! Google Custom Millings. That's the best price for a 50lb. bag on the internet. I found out about them on this site. Wish I had found out before I ordered at more than twice that price!!!!

That will take you to the order page. Best wishes!

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