Mites on broody hen and eggs

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  1. I just came home to find tiny bugs--mites, I think?--all over the bottom of a broody hen and her eggs, as well as in the shavings in the nestbox. I disposed of the eggs and removed the hen, who seems healthy besides the mites all along her chest. I just found the mites this afternoon, but the eggs never looked particularly clean--did this cause the mites? Was this because of the mites?
    What should I do to take care of this hen? The nestbox? The coop?
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    First of all, make sure they are mites and not lice. Lice will have white balls of eggs at the vase of feathers. They are fast moving, where mites are slow moving. Permethrin 10%spray or garden dust, or Sevin dust will treat both. Useat least twice every 7 days for mites, and every 10 days for lice to get the eggs when they hatch. Also the coop needs to be emptied of bedding and treated as well, before clean bedding is applied.

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