Mites on chicks less than a week old


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Aug 5, 2012
I lost two of the weaker ones but i thought it was because they were just tpo weak. Now i suspect mites were the cause. (I couldn't see them- getting my bifocal glasses tomorrow!) I have permethrin dust--are they too young? I am not a fan of DE as i have used it in the past with older birds with very little success.
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Apr 25, 2015
Did you see mites, or do you just suspect mites? The powder probably wouldnt hurt as long as they dont injest it. Permetherin isn't good stuff chemical wise, and is even worse when wet. The best use of permetherin in my opinion is to use a spray and spray down the entire coop or brooder, and then let thoroughly dry before reintroducing the chicks. Permetherin is completely harmless when its dry. Its when it is wet that it is a concern.

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