Mites? Or do I have something else?


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Apr 30, 2013
Chickens are about 1 yr old now. Some are really bad and others not so much... Yet. My neighbor told me it was just them molting, but if that's true they've been molting for a very long time. What should I use? And should I build another coop and run until I can kill the mites? I can post pics if needed


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Nov 5, 2012
How long have they been bare?
You can see some types of mites on the chicken, but the some live inside the coop and only crawl out at certain times. There are several products available online or in stores that will help rid of mites. Most of these come in sprays or mist or are to go into the water. Its best to find the specific mite so you can spend your money on those medicines and not a slew of others, so take a good look at your birds and if you find the mites, what they look like.

While you're getting that, change out the bedding often. If it is a serious infestation, the birds will only bring it to the new coop, so keep them there and do your best to clear it up. I would continue treatment for the length of the mite's life cycle x2 unless the medicine directs otherwise. That way any remaining elsewhere won't just hop back on the hen.

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