Mites Treatment?! Help quick!

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    Nov 15, 2015
    I have a hen that is showing the symptoms of mites. She isn't looking very good at all. I need to know how to treat it asap. She is getting so weak. And if she has mites, are there mites in the coop? Should I keep my other chickens someplace else?
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    Sep 14, 2013
    This worked on my flock:


    Monterey Garden Insect Spray, 16 oz. bottle
    Active ingredient : SPINOSAD .5%

    I believe my flock had the red northern fowl mite on them. There were little red bugs on their underfeathers and sometimes I saw very tiny white versions of these as well, possibly the same mite but in baby form? I did not see any nits on the base of their feathers, so I believe they did not have any lice, but this should work on lice too.

    Here is what I did, you will need 2 buckets large enough to dunk the hen in:

    In one bucket, dilute the whole 16 oz. bottle in 10 quarts of warm water (enough to fill up a bucket that will completely cover the hen.) This solution ends up being a more concentrated solution than is recommended on the bottle, but less concentrated that the expensive livestock version called Elector PSP.

    In a second bucket, fill with warm water and some dish soap.
    Set up the buckets in the shade because UV rays will break down the Spinosad.

    I washed each hen briefly in the dishsoap/water bucket to get them wet and remove any dirt on them. Get them soaked all the way up to their head. If you have polish you should probably get their crest wet too. Pay special attention to their back feathers. It is tough to get them soaked all the way to their base, you will have to massage them a bit!

    After she is totally wet, place her into the Spinosad bucket. Again massage that solution into all her fluff, up to her head. Be sure to get all the way into the base of the feathers.

    Then I let her dry off in a shaded area, because UV light destroys the Spinosad. Do this on a HOT DAY for their comfort, unless you are up for blow drying them dry!

    What to do with the leftover Spinosad water?
    I poured it over all the roosting bars, into the nest boxes (after removing wood shavings) and also into the sand litter I use in the sleeping coop. When the mites are not on the birds, they like to hide in wooden crevices, especially where the birds sleep.

    I have a small flock so this bath method was very feasible for me. It has been almost a week, I checked them often to see if the mites are there. The second day I found a lot of dead mites on them, after that, they are mite free.

    Best of all, NO EGG WITHDRAWAL PERIOD!!!
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    May 27, 2016
    Ontario, Canada
    What symptoms is she showing? If you suspect mites check vent area-mites will be very tiny brown/black or red dots moving. You may also see scabbing around the vent as they chew there. If one hen has mites treat entire flock and coop. You can search on here for many alternative. Don't be fooled by those promoting DE as it will not treat an infestation. I use Sevin dust. If you are not finding indications of mites on your girl I would suspect worms as a possibility. Have you wormed lately?

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