Oct 28, 2021
Hi I am newer to having hens and have now discovered that I have mites. I have striped the coop and sprayed elector psp inside the entire coop. I then sprayed the hens vent areas and legs. I am noticing that there are mites crawling on the outside of the coop after I sprayed today. Do I need to treat the whole outside of the coop and the run area. My coop is all wood and my run is wood framed. Thanks for any help!!!


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Nov 18, 2007
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With mites using Elector PSP you will probably have to spray again. It also stated in their fact sheet that repeat applications may be necessary. I personally use Permethrin. It cost way less then Elector PSP and works but repeat applications are necessary with it too because it does not kill the mites eggs but will as they hatch. Also Elector PSP recommends to alternate with other insecticides.


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Feb 15, 2012
Permectrin 2 and talatar p work great to spray coops and they are cheap 👍 I remove all birds til wood has dried, permectrin 2 can be used on the birds as well.

Personally my best method is to dose all my chickens on their skin with ivermectin pour on for cattle. 0.1mL per 2.2lb of bird and repeat after 7 days, and repeat again 7 more days. I dose near their vent where there is very few feathers to ensure it gets mainly on skin. I treat my coop 3 times as well.. once every 7 days. Every bit of wood inside outside of coop and wood frame. All flakes, hay, ect removed when you spray coop. Thats my routine and it never fails me. I get mites in spring and fall when its rainy and my property holds water, so this is my go to method. I also build all my coops and brooders with roofing tin and only use wood for the frame, I hate mites they are the worst, then coccidiosis is in 2nd place lol..
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