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    Apr 23, 2010
    I am new to chickens, these are my first, I have a rooster and a hen, she is white and I had noticed that she was looking "dirty" and one of my youth kids had offered to help me clean the bird because she learned how to show chickens in 4h years ago, upon cleaning them she realized that they had mites, you are able to see only the shafts of some of my hens wing feathers, she showed me her skin and how it was white when she said that it should be transparent. So we went to a feed store and bought Care Free Enzymes Poultry Protector, because it was the only thing they had for poultry. So I am asking, is what my youth kid telling me right? What else should I know? Are the enzymes good enough to treat them, should I use it with something else? I have cleaned out the coop and am not sure what bedding to put back in. We live in the desert, I have heard that sand is good, but she said that mites live in the sand and I now have straw in there:([​IMG] that I have sprayed down with the enzymes, is that what I should be using? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! I just want my babies to get better! I guess this is all just a learning process, and I need some guidance! Thanks!
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    We had a couple birds come to our house with mites, we tried the more natural approaches like spreading Diatomaceous Earth (food grade) around the nesting boxes and coop and also we tried dusting the birds but the only thing that actually got rid of them was using seven dust (we did not eat the eggs for 2-3 weeks after doing that) You have to go back and do the coop again even if you are able to get them off the birds as they will hatch out of the nesting area etc and re infest the birds. Total pain but you have to be thorough.
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    When you clean out your coop you can throw buckets of hot water all over the inside of the coop, it kills mites and the eggs as well.
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    Thank you for your advice guys, and thank you for the links kathyinmo, I looked up stuff for mites but just was not finding what i needed! Those are some great threads! Threehorses is a heaven sent for chickens! lol : ) We have cleaned out the coop and painted it, I purchased Permethrin online since there are no stores that carry it around here. Hopefully that will do the job! My poor chickens look so pitiful! Thanks again for your help!
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    I thought my chickens had mites so I bought mite killer at mcmurray hatchery . then I read that you can not see mites .
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    sevin dust!!!!!

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