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    I have been worried that my chickens could have mites or lice they have been scratching their heads but other than that act fine. I cleaned out their house a week ago sprayed it out with poultry protector and put in new bedding then put DE on top of that. Well I started thinking maybe I need to do more so I waited till they were in in the evening then caught them and sprayed them the best I could with poultry protector. Still they were scratching their heads so have been thinking of using ivermectin but was not sure to get pour on or the 1% and mix in their water, wel this evening I looked at a fews bums just to see if I could see anything. Well I still don't see anything on them but I started feeling something crawling around in my hair so went to bath room used the comb and combed out something that looked like tiny specks of black dirt. Oh my gosh I just about panicked, Had to take a bath and wash my hair. Now no more bugs crawling but I need to do something quick, please tell me I'm pretty sure it's mites but what is the best product to use I will also have to treat the ducks and goose. Which of the ivermectin is best? Thanks so much for info. sorry this is so long
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    I use Ivomec Eprinex which is a pour on cattle dewormer/delouser. It takes a 1/2 cc applied directly to the skin for a standard sized bird at 10 day intervals at least twice. You will also need to completely empty your coop, removing all bedding and then spraying out the coop with some sort of pesticide. Once the interior of the coop is dry then you can add bedding and a good helping of poultry dust in your bedding. Don't go overboard on the amount of bedding you use because you will need to retreat the birds and house in 7-10 days. You may even want to do a third treatment 10 days after the second go 'round because it sounds like your birds may have a pretty heavy bug load.

    Treat them soon. Mites are very dangerous to birds especially in large doses.

    Good luck.
    ETA- I've never used Eprinex on waterfowl. I don't know if it's appropriate to use on them.
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