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May 3, 2012
I discovered that my two hens that were broody both have mites in their crests. I have treated them with frontline and checked the other chickens but did not find anything on them. My question is about the white "gunk" in their feathers, assuming the eggs or mite poop? Do I need to remove that stuff also? Both hens are now brooding chicks so I don't think bathing them is an option at this point.Also, should I treat the chicks? The youngest are two days old. I did treat the others who are 5 weeks old. They are all separate from the rest of the chickens. So disgusting!
If you look at the pics on this older link you can see white lice eggs. Maybe you have lice instead of mites?

For lice eggs (nits) I have read that you can dissolve them with unrefined coconut oil after the bugs are dead (I have only dealt with mites though). Be sure to retreat every 7 days or so with poultry dust to kill them before they hatch out the next batch of bugs.

Sevin dust, although effective, isn't labeled for chickens anymore and so I recommend poultry dust from the feed store.

It is good to spray your coop with something too to get rid of any mites there (the red mite for example can hide in the coop and you'd not know it unless you went out there at night). I use permethrin spray, poultry protector, bleach, whatever I feel like but I am sure to do it every 4 months or so.
I did not see any lice at all, just fast moving tiny gray mites. One hen is in a large metal trough with her chicks, the other is in a hoop house broody pen.
Hmmm, read the link provided and the pic of mite eggs looks right but the description of the critter sounds like lice????
I hate to be a downer, but maybe they have both. The tiny grey moving critters might be mites, and the white 'gunk' in their feathers is lice?
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