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    Aug 28, 2012
    New Mexico
    1st chickens I've owned so not experienced with what I was dealing with. I have 4 chickens all are eating and laying just fine.[​IMG]

    The black chicken started going bald from her wings back all the way around her butt . Since all 4 chickens are barely over a year old everyone I talk to has told me she is molting and expect them to look terrible.
    Ok... So I didn't get too concerned till this has been going on now for about 3 months ,
    No new feathers just bald.
    Then the other 3 girls started.
    I was putting Genitian Violet on them so they don't see the red skin and go cannibal on each other.
    Now the other chickens are starting to go bald too.
    Everyone still is laying eggs which from what I was reading they should have stopped.
    I powered them a few weeks in a row, their house and run with Seven dust.
    They are still going bald.
    So I really inspected their house close with my glasses on and a magnifying glass.
    I see tiny red mites.
    I threw out all their bedding, took a garden sprayer and mixed Seven and sprayed the whole coop inside and out, plus run.
    Still saw mites.
    Went to the feed store and they sold me Permethrin.
    I mixed it up in a quart squirt bottle and hand sprayed the coop yesterday
    . Still seeing red mites.....
    So today I put Permethrin into the garden sprayer sprayed the coop, run and all around the coop & trees & ground.
    Still seeing live red mites crawling on the wood of the coop......
    Shouldn't they die within a few hours ???.
    Help I have to get this under control.
    Also worried about bringing them into the house and affecting the dogs, parrot and cat too.
  2. In an attempt to help I would try the following.

    #1 Clean out the coop again.
    #2 Sprinkle SEVIN DUST HEAVILY THROUGHOUT your coop and possible run! Leave the sevin dust. Make sure everything stays dry.
    #3 Give them all a complete and total covering of DE. Then provide a DE dust bath area THAT ALWAYS STAYS DRY for them to bath in. Not all chickens take to DE dust bathing but some do and it is very beneficial for them.

    Hope the best for ya.
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    Apr 3, 2011
    southern Ohio

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