12 Years
Dec 9, 2007
I really dont know what is going on with my flock. The first sighn was in my Jersey giant where I thought the hens were picking her back neck feathers.
Well no blood or peck marks just "pin feathers" in place of the feathers she had on her neck(she is almost 6 months old)


My Partridge silke, we call her "Fro"chick cause of her big fluff on her head. Well that big "Fro" is going away and causing her to be bald and she is only 7 months old!! No pin feathers here just baldness(we really miss her fro!


My frizzle NN hen is starting to go bald on her back with just pin feathers.
What is going on??!?!?!

I hope someone here can help. Thanks in advance!
It could be mites. It could also be too many roosters--or that those particular girls are favorites of the rooster/s. Another possibility is that they are picking feathers from one another. The fact that a crest is missing makes me think part of it may be feather picking.

The loss of feathers from mites usually comes from over-preening (and obviously she can't exactly preen the feathers of her own head--although I suppose she could scratch them out... you may have noticed that, though?). The loss of feathers from a rooster usually occurs on the back and on the back of the neck--not the top of the head (although it is possible, depending on his technique!). However, when chickens are picking feathers from one another, it's chiefly the back and the head, often the tail, too.

It could be a combination of the three. Have you checked for mites? You might be able to see them or their "dirt" around the vent feathers. They're usually easier to see on light colored chickens.

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