Mitty - The horse story


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Feel free to write other horse stories. Just not the same plot, please.

Chapter 1

The afternoon sun was high in the turquoise sky, radiating heat on my back. Bothersome flies were landing in thick swarms on my sweating corpse, causing my skin to twitch incessantly.
I lived in an old paddock it's gate was rusty and fence was rotting; the enclosure was never cleaned so the stench of waste clung to our bodies and nearly suffocated the air. Next to our old paddock was a small building with peeling red paint, fifty feet away from that building was an even bigger one. Two hundred feet in length and one hundred in width, by the smell the living conditions were nasty; I was sure of that. Tortured whinnies often came from inside, though few mares ever came out.
I have lived my sad six month life in this mess. I was the foal of a Premarin mare, I lived in a Premarin facility.
I sighed as the hot afternoon crawled by…

My ears caught the deep rumble of a truck, as it chugged around the corner and into the dusty lot. The sorrel filly next to me, Agnes, trembled. "Ooo, I hate trucks."
"It's fine, Agnes," I gave her a playful nip. "They always come, they always go."
The truck crawled closer, reeking of diesel. My nostrils flared as my skin prickled, I myself never liked the trucks either, but they never came into our paddock, so who cared whether they came or not? But still, they made my nervous; several other adolescent fillies kicked up their heels and cantered playfully around the pen. The occasional truck was another excuse for them to goof around.
Dust billowed from the wheels as it screeched with an ear splitting whistle to a stop; it was a lot closer than usual to our paddock, which made me increasingly nervous, for paddock by paddock I had seen emptied of all it's occupants and hauled away in the truck…never to be seen or heard from again.
Just then, as I was pondering that unpleasant remembrance, I realized our paddock was the last one with horses in it. I cringed as one of the truck doors banged shut, the driver swaggered out and met with four or five more men who came out of the old building, next to our paddock. They were talking in loud voices, and obviously coming to some sort of agreement, the driver got back in and started the truck up again. This time he backed it up to the paddock gate, I was horrified! Two more men shooed us horses to the back of the paddock as they opened the gate to let the truck in. The truck backed in and a ramp was rolled out from the back.
I was standing still in mortification; how could this be happening? This was how it was with the other horses in their paddocks, never to be seen from again. Agnes sauntered next to me and swept a nervous glance my way, her large brown eyes were languid in the heat, "Mitty," She whispered, "Those horses in the neighboring paddocks never came back again."
She was thinking the same thing. " What's going to happen to us?" I couldn't help but whisper, "What sort of horror are these humans going to inflict on us?"
Agnes shook her head in dismay, "I can't answer that."
"I can," A cocky voice answered her soft one.
My head shot up and I was looking straight into the mocking eyes of Lune, I rolled my eyes in annoyance, "Lune, leave us alone. Can't you see were in a crisis?" I indicated toward the men and truck, thankfully they were messing around with the ropes, but holding us horses in dreadful suspense.
"Not much of a crisis," Lune shrugged, but I could see that he was nervous too. "I bet you ladies are just scared clean through."
"We are not." I snapped, for I didn't trust Lune, something about him was disturbing. I didn't want him around.
"Oh, I see," Lune replied, with a mocking smile as he put on a pretend accent, "Mares are so incredibly brave, they know what's best for them, and the whole world, in fact. Very knowledgable and smart, so trustworthy and loyal, so - "
"Lune!" I lunged at him with a whinny, so shrill and aggressive that he spooked; but not before I made a large welt in his shoulder.
He stopped in his tracks, and half reared, pawing my way, "Don't do that!" His ears went back, and mine went back too, we were ready to fight again when Agnes rushed to his side.
"Lune," She nudged him quietly, yet with the force of lion, "Don't fight - after all, she's a filly, your not so cowardly as to fight a filly, are you?"
Lune looked down at Agnes' brown, pleading eyes. He was caught in a trap, with a final glare at me, he melted into the crowd of nervous horses.
"Mitty," Agnes walked up to me, "Promise me, you will not question his authority like that again. It's dangerous to question a colt's authority over a filly. He could hurt you."
"I - I - " I stammered, turning red, "I just hate it when he mocks us, he thinks he's so smart. It's so disgusting, I want to tear him up."
"We all do," Agnes managed a little grin, "But hold it back, it's not a mare's place to disrespect a stallion."
I sighed, "Your right.." Then in a lower tone, "Like always."
By now, me and Agnes were a little too caught up to keep a wary eye on the men and steaming truck, but hearing confusion I whipped around - and screamed at what I saw!
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Chapter 2

The whole paddock was in a frenzy! Dozens of us were kicking, rearing, and raising up billows dust, making it more chaotic. I dodged between haunches and heads, I kicked, bit, and reared for about a minute. I soon decided to retreat to a far corner of the paddock where the dust was settled and I could see what was goingon better. I saw this; the truck was rumbling towards the paddock gate, which was swinging open! The other fillies and colts were pressing around me now. I could feel trembling bodies and lurid sweat, they were all pressing around harder now that the truck was backing up to the paddock. Now the truck completley blocked the entrance - no getting out now. The men were walking round the outside of the paddock to our end, with them they had bull whips spiked with barbed wire on the end. I lifted my face in the air, above the dust and bodies and caught their scent, a horrid greasy one.
They were now on the other side of the fence; us horses not wanting to be near the men and not wanting near the truck on the other side, we went to the middle. That's when the men hopped the fence!
"NEIGH!" I screamed "Agnes! Where are you?" I swung my head in all directions, then spotted her bloody sorrel rump, obviously she was one of the unlucky ones who got too close to the fence.
"Oh Mitty! Please!" She cried.
"Agnes, let's stick together!" I yelled as the men were driving us towards the truck. I was near the end of the horses, trying to butt my way through to Agnes. But a group of hesistating horses aren't the ones that step aside for you. I bit and screamed to get to Agnes' side.
The horses were moving again, fear of the whip was driving us on in choppy steps. Me and Agnes were trying to stay together but couldn't. Horses went between us and before us! She was swept along in a current of hooves towards the truck! We reached the steel ramp. Obstinate, I tried turning around but was greeted by a splicing pain on my neck, it was bleeding! I darted a furious glance at the man who caused me pain. I sprang at him to give him a piece of my mind! With a flip of his wrist the barbed wire bit into my forehead.
"NEIGH!" The pain was too much to bear, I turned and drove my way through the last of the horses being beaten onto the the metal ramp. I was the last one.
I screamed again, the whips were hurting me more than ever now, and I could feel blood running down my legs. I sheepishly took a couple steps on the ramp, and hurried the rest of my legs on. Then in one burst of courage, I hopped onto the truck bed. The floor was wood, sounding hollow when my hooves thumped on it. I was pushed against the other horses as the men slammed the backboard closed and the bolt locked in. I was trapped! The truck had no ceiling, and the sides were wood.
"Agnes! Where are you?" I whinnied
"Way up here!" She pitifully answered. She was way ahead of me in the truck.
"Fantastic." I mumbled.
I sniffed the horses beside me.
"Hey Mitty."
Then...oh! The very thing I was standing on rumbled and roared, I could feel the wood vibrating under my hooves. I tried to move, but couldn't, it was all claustrophobic!
I panicked, with everyone else. We were making the truck rock from side to side! Then the truck started moving, I felt sick. I wanted to burst free and gallop far away, but couldn't.
Now the truck was moving, with dilated eyes I looked back on the only paddock I ever knew. Back at the old barns filled with sad mares, back at the foal and the stallions paddocks that I'd never see again. And back at my old beaten up feed trough and waterer. The truck drove on and rounded a corner. That was the last time I saw my home.
With large sad eyes I lifted my head to the cloudless blue sky. Big wet tears slid down my face as I sobbed.
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