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    Here is your chance to mix and match quality hatching eggs for just $2 each. Send a PM to order eggs.

    Please go to our website to see pictures of our breeding stock and learn more about our program:

    Here what we have

    1) Purebred Lavender, Blue and Black Orpingtons
    We have two Lavender Roosters in with 5 Lavender Hens, 1 Black Hen and 1 Blue Hen. The Lavenders and Blacks are Jinks Lines. Lineage of Blue Hen is unknown.

    2) Welsummers (Whitmore Farms Bloodlines)

    3) Ameraucana EE X Lavender Orpington
    We have a couple blue copper Easter Eggers in with our Lavender Orpington Roosters. The babies are beautiful and sweet and should lay a bluish green eggs.

    4) Polish X Chicks
    We have our Stunning Crele Polish Roosters in with non-crested speckled, spangled and Partridge breeds (see website for more info and photos of parent stock

    Shipping Rates:
    $15 for up to 18 Eggs
    $20 for up to 30 Eggs

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