Mix bread hen with leg paralysis less than 6 months old


7 Years
Nov 6, 2012
I hatched a chicken during summer, its a mix between Road island red and buff orpington. She has been energetic and one of the fastest in the pack when food comes. She lost her tong, she ate string from parts of ripped tarp. I separated her and start feeding her mash/mushy food and steam rice mix in with feeds. About a week and a half ago she started to have problem walking, most of the time she just sat there but she would still come to you when she see food in your hand. I separated her a day after seeing her abnormal behavior, and she is still energetic whenever she see people approaching. When i pick her up, one of her leg just wiggles like it had no feeling. Sometimes she can stand and walk a little but just stumble over. She still eat and drink but kind of picky about the food sometimes. This is something that isn't similar to the diseases i read online, I asked around for answers but so far nothing yet. People think its most likely something genetic since its a mix bread and they might be too genetically apart. Does anyone experience something similar when they do mix breading?

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