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    I'm about to advertise my cockerels and don't want to accidentally mix up a pullet or two so seeking confirmation on two I think are pullets. They are all 12 weeks old and I have added a coloured dot to hopefully help.

    First two, Red and Gold are mostly Australian Araucana (British tailed standard) Red is definitely a cockerel, hoping to confirm Gold is a pullet?
    DSC_0710_LI.jpg DSC_0711_LI.jpg DSC_0723_LI.jpg

    Black, Brown and Blue are silkie cross. Black and Brown are confirmed cockerels, wanting to confirm Blue is a pullet?
    DSC_0718_LI (2).jpg DSC_0737_LI.jpg DSC_0760_LI (2).jpg
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    You got them right. Red, cockerel. Gold, pullet. Black, brown, cockerels. Blue, pullet.

    Blue is a pullet, imo, because comparing her to black, she has no pointed saddle feathers. You can see above his tail, he has triangle shaped feathers (hackles), this is a cockerel trait, pullets have rounded feathers. Same applies to gold.
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    Looks like all of these are cockerels, except the blue. That one looks like a pullet to me.

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