Mix & Match $3 each! DARKOlive Green, Blue, Chocolate & White Eggs!!!


10 Years
Oct 17, 2009
Hi All!!! I've officially achieved my goal to have a VERY COLORFUL egg basket!!! I have the following Hatching Eggs available to ship! They are $5 each shipping included in that price! You just Pm me and tell me how many you'd like of what colors and the date that you'd like them shipped and I'll mark you down on my calendar and we'll "gitter done"!!!(LOL) All my birds are very healthy and spoiled and FERTILE!



Black Copper Marans

Black Copper & Cuckoo Maran Mix

Blue Copper Marans

3rd Generation DARK DARK DARK Olive Eggers!

2nd Generation Medium Shade Olive Eggers!(Lots of Blue Feathered Girls! Theie babies should lay the DARK Olive Color)

Easter Eggers(Mainly Laying Blue Eggs)

Sizzled Leghorns! White Eggs

I accept paypal at [email protected] but please please please PM me or email me first before sending the money so I can be sure that I will have the eggs that you need available. Shipping is included in the $5/egg price but for some reasoni couldn't get the computer to accept zero so that's why it says $1.

Have a Blessed Day...Keri
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Could I possibly order 4 of each egg? Your egg colors are beautiful! I am waiting on an incubator to arrive - could you ship later, after it comes in the mail?
Trying to figure out what laid the center egg there in your pic. It looks to be between an olive egg and a Marans egg. Cool color.
Sorry guys for not getting on the computer today....been very busy chasing three rascally little boys around!!!
Anyway...from left to right I'll tell you what breeds you're looking at(as far as the eggs in the pic goes) Left to Right(Araucana, 3rd-Generation DARK Olive, Blue Cochin, Maran(either Black Copper or Cuckoo not 100% sure who lays which egg as they are all equally chocolate) and Light/Medium Olive Eggers(1st-2nd Generation)

I'll do my best to post some pics of my flock asap...but we have a Birthday party this weekend for my 6yr. old and swim lessons!!! I'll do my best. Please feel free to email me with questions [email protected] this is the fastest way to catch me b/c it goes right to my phone.
Those are dream come true...for me anyway! I have 17 more days to go before my incubator is empty though, but they are just beautiful.

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