Mix & Match Eggs! All Colors! Standards & Bantams!

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    Hi There! I'm offering my many colors of hatching eggs for sale this Spring! All of my hatching eggs this year are $5 per egg SHIPPED for small orders! For larger orders:
    6 eggs shipped for $25
    12 eggs shipped for $45
    Extras will be included with each order. All of my chickens are now enjoying "chicken pasture" areas that we have redesigned to keep them happy & healthy and laying!
    All of my colors include: Chocolate, Dark Arny Green, Sage Olive Green, Brown, Blue & White

    Feel free to PM me and I'll be happy to put together a custom order just for you![​IMG]

    (i put a regular brown egg in the middle for color comparison)

    Let me explain...my "Chocolate Eggs" are being layed by two different types of Maran hens: Cuckoo Marans and Black Copper Marans
    All of the hens are being covered by my Black Copper Maran Rooster that I hatched out last year from Wynette's eggs: http://www.adamsonacres.com/ She has absolutely beautiful, top quality birds and that's exactly what I got with my Black Copper Rooster & hens!
    [​IMG] Black Copper Hen
    [​IMG] Blue Olive Egger Hen

    My eggs are not "DARK BROWN CHOCOLATE" like Wynette's are on her website BUT... I'm hoping that they will darken as the laying season continues. They absolutely have her chicken's genes for DARK CHOCOLATE eggs so I'm thinking it may take time for the shade to darken.

    Dark "Army Green Olive" 3rd Generation Olive Eggers! Some hens have Blue Feathers!
    [​IMG] Dark Army Green eggs compared to regular Sage Green Olive Eggs!

    Sizzled Leghorns are turning out to be a GREAT combination! I have my BEAAUTIFUL Tri-Colored Sizzle Rooster covering both white & brown leghorns! This combination produces chicks of all colors...white, brown, black, and tri-colored that will be GREAT LAYERS of white eggs with a more docile nature(hopefully) and 50% will have Sizzled Feathers!!! Here is a pic of 3 Sizzled Leghorn chicks that I just hatched out! You can see the variation of colors!

    This is "Ingrid" another little Sizzled Leghorn hatched out by a fellowBYC member last month!

    My Sizzled Rooster is now covering my Americana girls as well! All of my girls lay BLUE eggs and 50% of their chicks will have Sizzled Feathering![​IMG]

    All of my Standard Size Birds include:
    Black Copper Marans, Cuckoo Marans, Sizzled Leghorns & Americanas, Olive Eggers(Blue Feathered Birds!..both 2nd & 3rd generation) Blue Giant Cochin/Maran Mix!

    ...and for the bantams... I have:
    White Silkies, White Sizzles, Sizzled Polish, Blue Silkie, and Frizzled Seramas!
    Just a note: All of my Sizzled & Frizzled Feathered birds are bred with Smooth Feathered birds so no chances of genetic defects or "Frazzled" chicks!

    My Silkies I hatched out myself from sassysilkies.com...they are gorgeous top quality silkies! My Frizzled Polish I bought as chicks from the Jordan Family on here...also TOP quality birds...heavy feathering!

    PLEASE feel free to PM me with questions...you just tell me how many eggs you want of what breeds and the date you'd like them shipped and I'll do the rest!!!

    All eggs will of course be collected fresh and stored properly prior to being shipped. Fertility has been excellent!!![​IMG] However, I can not promise hatching rates as I have no control over the Postal workers or your hatching methods. I accept payment through my paypal account: [email protected]

    Have a great day & thanks so much for looking!
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  2. Some one correct me if I am wrong, but I think brown eggs are darker at the onset of laying and get lighter toward the end of laying season.

    Your eggs are beautiful !
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    can i see some more picture of the dark army green ?

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