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  1. We currently have a full incubator and hens still laying very fertile eggs. You can Mix and Match from the following breeds @ $1.50 per egg: (max 6 any one type please to assure FRESH eggs)

    Standard Cochins (partridge, black, blue, buff, separated by color)
    Exchequer Leghorns
    Blue & Black true Ameraucanas
    Banty Cochins

    Crosses @ $1 per egg:
    Easter Egger x Ameraucana cross (lay big Green and "pink" eggs)
    White Rock cross (xtra large brown eggs!)

    Turkeys @ $2.50 per egg:
    Bourbon Red, Narragansett, Royal Palm & Narragansett turkey eggs

    OR @ $10 per egg
    Peafowl eggs (possibly opal, purple, blue, blackshoulder, white or pied)

    We occasionally have African Goose eggs @$5 ea (ask first, we can't promise when they will decide to lay!)

    Shipping is Priority Mail, up to a 18 chicken or a dozen Turkey or 6 pea eggs Only $12. For larger box please let us know what youwant and we'll weigh it.

    Any questions or to order please email! You don't have to bid - please leave auction running!
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    Jan 9, 2010
    what kind of cochin bantams and silkies you have?
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    Can I see pics of your Cochins, Leghorns and Ameracaunas?
  4. Cochin Bantams are a Mottled Black roo with a Blue hen and a silver laced hen (I can tell the 2 hen's eggs apart if you have a preference). And a partridge pair in a separate pen.
    Silkies are a White roo and a Black roo in with 2 white, 1 blue, and 1 blue splash hen (I have seen one white and the splash in the nest box so i know they are laying) Some are bearded some aren't. First chicks are due to hatch this week so I'll know more then. Black silkie roo is the low man in the pen so the girls have "removed" his top knot!

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    Apr 30, 2010
    Any pics of your silkes? Are they show quality?
  6. I don't show so I can't honestly say whether they are or not. They have 5 toes, proper toe spacing, correct skin color, etc. One White Hen and the Splash hen were bought as SQ pullets though the Splash is a little small to my liking. I would say if they aren't SQ they are very close, definitely better than the average stuff I have seen and even been sent and they are the 6 best I have kept from a flock of 20+. the silkies are in the collage above but her are the photos larger.


    as I said above the black roo had a nice top knot but the girls have picked it out. :-(

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