Mixed banty bin buyer bonkers- begging breed bounty?? Cochin owners??


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Aug 17, 2008
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Now that I have your attention...

These babies were purchased from a feed store bin labeled, "Mixed Bantam" and the store gets birds from McMurray.

Is 'Sphinx' to be renamed 'Toast?' Can Banty Cochin folks tell me whether this is what my little pair are?

If so, what color is Sphinx- I've never grown a buff bird, but is that color variance light/dark normal for a buff? It looks so...odd at this stage, and he/she/it has dark grey flecks in the wing plumage.


Most importantly, I need toknow if it looks like this is definitely a dude, vs. dudette.


Note the difference in size of comb and early wattle development...compared to my other one from the same batch.




I know I'm obsessed with the idea of identifying him- IF it's a Cochin banty, then I'll hang on to it and wait and see what happens...supposedly those roo's are nice, quiet, and most importantly, least likely to notify animal control as to their existence- no roos allowed in the new city ordinance.

If it's not a Cochin banty, I need to evaluate getting rid of him prior to any further attachment, as I'd be likely to do something pathetically extreme to keep him if I had to wait another couple of months for the brutal disappointment.

Thanks for your help!
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Jan 14, 2009
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same batch, but different breed... the top im not 100% sure... neither am i sure about the bottom... barred cochin possily?? and cant really tell M from F unless it is like barred rocks... no dot on head means Female?? dont trust me, i drive a van ith shades in the windows.... j/k


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Oct 2, 2008
I would guess red (cockerel)and black(pullet) Bantam Cochins, the hatchery red can be a dark buff. I dont know why I can sex my own Cochins pretty early, but am always a bit cautious to give it a call with photos. I think crowing may very from Roo to Roo so if that is one I would wait and see. My Banty Roos can hold their own and can be louder than the big boys. Maybe that's b/c there is a couple, I dont know, but they seem to like to crow.


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Jun 27, 2008
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I agree. Red rooster and black pullet, Bantam Cochins. The males take longer to feather in, and their little combs develop real early. He may try to crow early, too. It should be cute to watch.


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Aug 17, 2008
Larry, KS
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My Coop
Dang. Bad words.

I really love the little guy already and will only become more attached as I await a crow...crud.

Well, I shall commence prayer for a silent roo. Or only alarm-raising, silent otherwise! My Chicken Encyclopedia says Cochin Banties are quiet, but I knew I had to hear from owners on what they experienced.


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Mar 22, 2009
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Well, my cochin banty was quite agressive and protective of his girl (no spurs, teeny claws, had a nice beak, though; I always had to wear boots around him, lol)until I showed him at fair; then he calmed down quite nicely. However, he's not all that quiet...yours are adorable, though! Both look to me to definately be cochins, but it's a toss up on the sex of the buff.

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