Mixed Blackshoulder x Indian Blue?


10 Years
Oct 5, 2009
Las Vegas
i was going to ask a similar ?.. i think my cock may be IB split to BS? although there are times i wonder if he's split to a purple?
yearling, i've had him since he was a few days old... but don't know where he came from... friend of a friend...
he has the IB shoulders, but his neck doesn't look as much blue green as my hen and what i remember my IB cocks looking like... he's more dark blue almost purple.... and i thought the blue/green on IB goes all the way down the chest? this guy had a cream/white with black speckled chest (is that a yearling thing?) and he's got some dark flight feathers along with the normal IB barring and copper/rust....
is he just a mess, or does that sound like anything specific... should i change his name to heinz?

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