Mixed breed barnvelders/Australorp or barred rock

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by ewohl, May 28, 2017.

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    Apr 20, 2015
    IMG_1704.JPG IMG_1694.JPG IMG_1696.JPG Hi everyone! These are two day old chicks from my barnvelder rooster and mostly barnvelder hens (3 are from an Easter egger and should lay olive eggs, and one is obviously leghorn). I also hatched what I hoped to be barred rocks, because I wanted to try the sex link thing. If so, I guess I got lucky and got four pullets, since they don't have a white head spot. But now I am wondering if I may have gotten some of my Australorp eggs by mistake. What is your opinion on the blacks? The all look the same as the little one on the fence post. IMG_1702.JPG IMG_1696.JPG Aussies or BR pullets (same barnvelder roo for all the hens). Can I tell the gender if they are from the Aussies? IMG_1701.JPG
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    If they are Aussies ... check under the chin. Roos will have a bit of a green spot. Also, in the next few days watch the tails. Aussie hens grow their tale faster ... any that are day or more behind on starting their tail feathers are roos.
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    You won't be able to tell between the Australorp-Barnevelder vs. BR-Barnevelder pullets.
    Sorry. They both will be all black chicks (with possibly some white tuxedo)...though my BSL's tend to be all black.

    And the green dot under chin and tail feather doesn't apply to mix breeds (not sure it applies to Australorps as they are not auto-sexing and different lines will produce different feather rates...they are not a line that is feather sexable).

    But any rate...you won't be able to see the difference in these mixes.

    I love the Barnevelder traits. My Barney rooster produces some really nice chicks over my bevvy of beauties...and if you got the right eggs, BR with Barney, yes, those will be sexed linked. I've made plenty of reliably sexed sex links with a barred hen under my Barney boy. (From Cal Grey to Rhodebar to Cream Legbar).

    And yes, your EE mixes will give you a 50/50 chance of green eggs...follow the pea comb as that is close to the blue-shell gene on the strand...those that get the pea comb generally get the blue gene as well. How dark will depend upon how dark your Barney rooster's genes are...which is always a gamble as you can't see his "eggs" to know if his egg color is darker. So you'll get green to sage to olive depending upon how dark brown Barney has.

    And as you know, you've got 1 WL/Barney cross...the white chick. WL is white dominant.

    I can see several Barney chicks and what look to be EE crosses. I have found as a *general* rule of thumb that in the wild type colors (chipmunk) those that have a full chipmunk stripe from head, neck, back, to tail, with three colors (brown, black, white) are female, while males will have a stripe that breaks at the neck and will have 2 stripe colors....not a guarantee but as a general rule of thumb.

    Congratulations on your backyard mixes. Playing with the genetics is a lot of fun especially as you seek egg colors...a project near to my heart.

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    I'm place my bets on Lady of Mc
  5. ewohl

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    Apr 20, 2015
    Thanks for your advice. I'll keep my fingers crossed for all pullet BRs! I had forgotten about the 50/50 for the EEs laying green eggs. It's been a fun experiment. I hope to get a variety of egg colors!

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