Mixed Breed Chickens-What will I get?

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    I have 8 white leghorn hens and 7 brown leghorn hens. I have one brown leg horn rooster. I hasve a rescued gamecock rooster (tame and calm) and I have two Rhode Island Red hens. What will I get if I cross the White leghorn hens with the game cock?
    What will I get if I cross the RIR hens with game cock or leghorn rooster? I want good layers and calm chickens.
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    If you want calm birds, I would say (usually) stay away from the Leghorns.... That is unless yours are more docile than usual. Mediterranean chickens are more skittish than contintals, etc.
    I do have experience with RIR x Game, they will be good birds, hardy, freindly enough, lay pretty well, still will set eggs occasionally.
    You will get the best layers from the RIR and Leghorn crosses.

    I would probably put the Game rooster with most of my hens, and the Leghorn rooster with a few or three of the RIR hens. After that I would breed a Leghorn X RIR rooster to the Game X RIR hens that you raise next year.... They will produce babies that are 3/4 egg producers, 1/4 Game.... Which should have pretty calm dispositions and lay really well, but occasionally they WILL set eggs.

    By the way, what color is the Game rooster? Most of your chicks will hatch with faint to heavy stripes on their back, and turn out bbred or mostly red.... according to the color of the Game rooster.

    Good luck, it is sooooo much fun!

    edit: I saw the white leghorn part after I hit submit....
    The white leghorns are usually silver duckwing (under the white) If they are, then that means they can be dominant white, or recessive white...
    recessive white covers ANY COLOR. dominant white only covers BLACK.
    If it is dominant white, and you breed to bbred or Mohagany (RIRs have that) you will get something like red pyle...sorta.
    You'll figure it out.
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    Quote:A lean mean egg laying machine. [​IMG]

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