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    Feb 12, 2017
    So, we hatched three mixed breeds from our flock, today. All three have densely feathered legs. Two look just like my Blue Splash Cochin rooster did when he was a baby (grayish white), and one is a charcoal gray. The mom's were at least two splash BLR Wyandotte hens, and either a different Splash BLRW or a Buff Brahma hen. Would any genetic expert like to tackle the "who belongs to whom" game? I'm just curious if the Brahma laid the charcoal baby or a Wyandotte. I know this is a crazy question, that's probably not going to have an answer until these babies get older and get their feathers. LOL!!! They are adorable though! I'll have to attach a pic later.
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    I know this happens a lot----you get them hatched---then you wonder???? I never wonder because I never cross breed unless its intentional because My Mind would be wondering and wondering---LOL. All my breeds are in separated pens. But that's because I am a breeder!! Maybe a Expert will help you figure this out!!
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    If there's no gold at all on the chicks, I'm thinking not the Brahma. Buff is one of the colors that co-dominates with black, so you'd likely see a mix of colors.

    As they get older you should be able to tell by body shape and comb. Both the rose comb of the Wyandottes and the pea comb of the Brahma are dominant over the straight comb of the Cochin, so that will point you toward the momma. Not sure if you could tell the difference in combs quite yet? But that would be something to keep an eye on.
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    Feb 12, 2017
    Thank you! We just hatched to add to the flock, and for a friend. So I guess it doesn't really matter. These babies are so fun, they actually come to us instead of running away.

    Very helpful about dominant comb shape. Thanks!

    I didn't get a good shot of the little charcoal baby, but here's the other ones with a Wyandotte baby.

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