Mixed-breed chicks, bantam and large fowl, south Atlanta, GA -- STRAIGHT RUN ONLY


7 Years
Sep 12, 2012
These chicks are part of a larger breeding program, so they are mixed-breed. They are only available as straight-run, and for local pick-up south of Atlanta (exit 201 off of I-75).

The bantam chicks may include two or more breeds of: Cochin, Frizzle (non-carriers of the gene ONLY), Mille Fleur, and Ameraucana. They will lay either white or cream-colored eggs.

The large fowl may include two or more breeds of: Ameraucana, Plymouth Rock, Barred Rock, and White Leghorn. They will lay either green or brown eggs.

All chicks are $3, and they are all straight-run only. Send a private message if interested.
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