Mixed breed chicks (laying a rainbow assortment of eggs) NH PICKUP ONLY

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    Mar 3, 2012
    I set 3 dozen mixed breed eggs on March 14th. Chicks will hatch Sat April 4th and be available for pickup a few days-a week after hatch. Picture provided is of actual eggs that chicks will hatch from.

    All hens are an assortment of breeds laying an assortment of egg colors, males covering them are Cream Legbar and Black Copper Marans. Female chicks that hatch could lay a variety of egg colors ranging from blue, green, olive, and browns ranging from light brown-chocolate brown. I guess we could call it a rainbow assortment.

    -The Cream Legbar male (blue egg gene) is covering Silver Spangled Appenzeller Spitzhauben(white eggs), Olive Egger(olive eggs), Silver Laced Cochin(light brown eggs), Blue Copper Marans (Dark brown eggs) and a Barred Rock Wyandotte cross (creamy brown eggs). The offspring of all of these will result in blue, green and olive eggs.

    -The Black Copper Marans (Dark brown egg gene) is covering Black Copper and Blue Copper Marans and Marans mixes. The offspring of these will result in Dark brown eggs and also light-medium brown eggs. Some Marans will be pure but only considered pet quality not show/breeder quality.

    Potentially 36 chicks can hatch, if you have interest please email me to make arrangements. Spring is here and chicks will be too! It is time to get your egg layers. I am NH NPIP certified.

    All chicks will be sold straight run meaning unsexed/gender unknown, for $4 each chick. Buy 5 chicks and get 1 extra chick for FREE!

    THIS IS FOR LOCAL New Hampshire (NH) PICK UP ONLY. I currently do not ship chicks.

    I will update ad with chick pics when they hatch.
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