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    Anyone interested in some mixed breed hatching eggs? My roosters are a black Jersey Giant, Blue Andalusian, Rhode Island Red. I would assume the Jersey Giant would be the most likely father, but did catch the RIR boy making it happen with one of the Leghorns today. He has just started attempting mating this week so who knows!

    My girls are White Leghorn x 2, Rhode Island or Production Red x 1, Jersey Giant x 1 (black), Buttercups x 2, Barred Cochins x 3. I have hatched out the White Leghorn and RIR eggs already, all sired by the Jersey Giant rooster and had great hatch rates and neat chicks.

    I usually get 2 WL eggs and 1 RIR egg a day. The Jersey Giant, Buttercups and Cochins are kind of a tossup and have no idea if the Buttercup or Cochin eggs are fertile as I have never checked fertility on them. I can have a dozen hatching eggs available in about 2-4 days, depending on how well they lay. I only got 3 eggs today, but have been getting 5-6 a day for the last few weeks.

    They would be good to test out a new bator or for someone who just wants some good layers. Or some neat looking mixes. If those Buttercup eggs are fertile THAT would be a neat mix.

    They would have to be picked up in West Knoville, Farragut, Lenoir City, Loudon or possibly Sweetwater. Anybody interested?

    I meant to do Buy it now. Whoops? PM me if interested [​IMG]
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