Mixed breed mystery???


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May 10, 2020
Hello friends,

I have 4 Lakeshore Eggers and have read what little info is out there about them. Most articles say they are sexable at birth but I’ve read conflicting info that says it’s difficult to tell because of their mixed breed. All were supposed to be ladies, but I have one (for now) in question. She is 3.5 weeks and has a bit larger comb (and crooked) than the others. I’ll post a before and now pic....I did read that males have a dot on their heads at birth, no dots on hers...in addition to her crooked comb, she has a crest so I’m guessing she’s got Legbar in her. I’m hoping Legbars develop more quickly and that’s why she and her comb are larger than the others. She is the solid brown chick on the right in the food dish. 😃


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