Mixed breeds: Australorps and Plymouth Rocks and Copper Marans

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    My flock, originally meant to be entirely Black Australorps, is turning out to be Australorps (hens and roos), Barred Plymouth Rock (hen), and Copper Marans (roo). What kinds of birds can I expect from these crosses?

    Black Australorp roo x Barred Plymouth Rock hen?

    Copper Marans roo x Barred Plymouth Rock hen?

    Copper Marans roo x Black Australorp hen?

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    Barnyard mixes that are healthy and lay well.
    The offspring from the Marans cross may lay darker eggs if he came from a very dark egg.
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    BA X BR will yield black sex links - females will be pure black, and males will be single barred. They will be sexable at hatch, as males will have a white spot on their head while females will not.

    BCM X BR will yield almost identical results to BA x BR, except both males and females may have some minor red/gold leakage in the hackle, saddle, or breast. If your BCM is French and has feathered legs, than the offspring will likely have some minor leg feathering.

    BCM X BA will give 100% black offspring, some will have copper in their hackles, saddles, or breasts.
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