Mixed cockerel Ayam Cemani + Silver Laced Wyandotte 6 weeks old needs new home SoCal

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    386AEF2F-A9B1-4A25-8024-5301E801BE19.jpeg CCDD47AB-4860-4C2F-A39D-5E5577F93994.jpeg D33483B0-7D49-4B7B-9060-5B2766E764E8.jpeg FC767E22-E7E7-464B-B82D-825C89E816C8.jpeg 8B8D5198-AEF6-4B94-A388-5A351408D7F3.jpeg This little guy is in need of a new home! He’s 6 weeks old, dad is Ayam Cemani and mom is Silver Laced Wyandotte. We’re located in Ventura County, and can drive to me you if interested. He will be given away free but only to someone who would like to have him as a pet, not for slaughter. He’s absolutely gorgeous and will make beautiful babies some day! :)
    First three pics are the baby and mom and dad are below.
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