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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by NineChickens, Mar 16, 2018.

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    May 23, 2017
    So I think I've read that any duck that came from the mallard can produce fertile eggs, even when crossed, right?
    So a Rouen mixed with a Swedish can produce fertile babies? Or a Rouen X Magpie or a Rouen X cayuga? Because I really want a male rouen, they are beautiful, and if he'd have babies with another breed I just wanna know if they'd be fertile. I'm just doing some research for down the road. Double checking what I've read

    Also, completely different question:
    is cayuga pronounced (K-OO-GAH) ??
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    Yep! That's correct.

    I say it ky-OO-gah, but I've heard people say it kuh-WOG-ga. Which in IMHO I don't think is right. The way you said sounds about right.
  3. NineChickens

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    May 23, 2017
    Awesome, thanks!
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    Any mallard derived duck can cross with another and produce fertile off spring. Those offspring though can have reduced fertility or health(according to the Storey’s guide to raiding ducks). I have one drake who is 1/2 Khaki and 1/2 Appleyard and four full Khakis. When I have had chicks not hatch and die in the egg more often than not when I break the egg open I find the duckling had facial stripes which means they were his offspring. I wonder if the Appleyard genes make the ducklings too big for the smaller Khaki eggs.
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  5. chickens really

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    No, the embryo always fits the egg they are in.

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