Mixed flock of 8 laying hens ~ NE PA

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    Mar 17, 2009
    NE PA
    Healthy flock of 8 laying hens, no bantams, all full size. 1 white rock, 1 buff orpington, 1 delaware, 1 easter egger (lays green eggs), 3 brahma's and one that was a packing peanut that I believe is a partridge rock. Ages range from under a year but have already started to lay to the oldest white rock is a few years old. Have been with bantams and roosters before, no major aggression seen with any of them. Get between 1-3 eggs a day this time of year without any supplemental light or heat, would lay more if you provide light I'm sure. Excellent at foraging in the nicer weather, pretty hawk savvy as well and will hide quickly if they spot one. No parasites or diseases. I HATE to have to offer them for sale but upcoming move forces me too. Would like them to all go together if possible, will possibly separate into smaller groups. Email for more info or pics. Thank you for looking. Can possibly deliver depending on location.

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