Mixed flock with baby Turkeys


5 Years
Sep 14, 2014
I got the call from the post office. My order of chicks had arrived. The next day the feed store got their order of chicks. I bought 6 different breeds from the feed store to mix it up with my on line order (that came with live packing peanuts). They had baby turkeys (poults?) at the feed store. My wife an her mom told me they were used to raising turkeys so I thought adding a turkey would be fun. My wife said to get two. She told me to put them in with the chicks. I thought they were getting along but the turkeys were picking on the chicks.

I have them in a safe place by themselves for now. Eventually they will be sharing space with the chicks or my chickens.

They're too small right now to be in with the chickens. They're to big for the chicks. Eventually they should all be together. For now its mixing is a problem.

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