Mixed Lavender/Wheaten ameraucanas, black/blue/splash marans, Delaware, BLRW, welsummer

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    18 count hatching eggs for sale. Below is our mixed flock of colored egg layers.

    Our flock hens: welsummer, delaware, purebred wheaten and lavender ameraucana, black and splash marans, olive egger (welsummer x ameraucana cross), black laced red wyandotte
    Our flock roosters: delaware, black and blue marans, wheaten and lavender ameraucana, blue laced red wyandotte

    The majority of our flock was purchased from Eight Acres Farm who breeds heritage purebred chickens.

    We practice strict biosecurity protocols and we do not allow visitors on the property for the protection of our animals. We have never had any sick poultry on our property.
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    Is shipping a flat rate or by zipcode ?

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